The Shadow Sister featured on Reddit’s NoSleep podcast

no-sleep-podcastI was totally stoked to have my short story The Shadow Sister featured on a recent episode of the NoSleep podcast. This podcast was one of iTunes Top 100 podcasts in 2015 and has a significant listenership. Each story is produced using talented voice artists, music and sounds effects. I just listened to the episode today, called Suddenly Shocking Vol. 4, and my story starts at 42 minutes in. It sounds so damn cool produced in this way and I got such a thrill to listen to it. The Shadow Sister is an unsettling, subtle horror tale with a human cloning theme. Sign up for a Season Pass to the NoSleep podcast to listen to the story.

My book You Have To Make Your Own Fun Around Here is on sale in Ireland and the UK. Check it out!

Here’s some nice stuff people are saying.

‘Few writers have articulated the intricacies of female friendship – the dependency, the uncertainty, the fragility, the pecking order – with as much authority. Most female readers (and quite a few male readers, come to think of it) are likely to squirm at the glorious recalling of these adventurous, curious girls and their nascent friendships.’ Irish Independent

‘This atmospheric debut looks like a rural Irish coming-of-age novel, but it’s cleverer, darker, more unreliable.’ Daily Mail

‘From a young age, Katie is in thrall to her spirited, selfish friend, who comes across as a modern-day Baba from The Country Girls.’ Irish Times


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